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Sen. Rabon Comments on Perrys Remarks about SE Oklahoma

Statement by Senator Jeff Rabon,
Senate District 5 McCurtain, Choctaw, Pushmataha and Atoka counties

NOTE: In his testimony in a congressional redistricting trial in Oklahoma City on Monday, state commerce department official Russell Perry asserted that southeastern Oklahoma was "a severe racist area for African-Americans."

More than anything, Im disappointed and saddened by Mr. Perrys remarks. He is obviously misinformed.

As anyone who has spent any time in southeastern Oklahoma can attest, the area is not a bastion of racism. Quite the contrary, the people of southeastern Oklahoma are among the most caring and tolerant in the state. The facts prove that."

I have worked with Mr. Perry on many occasions and consider him a friend. On this subject, however, we obviously disagree. And I am sure that every African-American in my district would disagree with Mr. Perry as well."

I would hope that upon further reflection he will reconsider his remarks and recognize southeastern Oklahoma for the wonderful place that it is, said Sen. Rabon.

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