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Sen. Myers Responds to Meacham’s Opposition to Power Plant

Sen. David Myers Sen. David Myers

State Sen. David Myers on Tuesday said he was unsure why State Treasurer Scott Meacham was speaking out against the proposed coal-powered electrical plant near Red Rock. Myers is the Co-Chair of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Regulatory Services.

“An administrative law judge has already spoken on the matter, saying that the electricity the plant would generate is needed. We’re still awaiting a final decision from the Corporation Commission. In addition to those individuals, it would be appropriate for legislators to examine energy issues,” said Myers, R-Ponca City. “I’m completely unclear as to why Treasurer Meacham would try to insert himself in this process.”

Myers said the proposed plant is one of the largest “clean coal” projects in the nation. The Corporation Commission is expected to render a decision sometime this month. The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has denied an application by opponents of the plant to assume jurisdiction. He said by using coal, the 950 megawatt power plant would keep utility costs down for consumers.

“The most vocal opponents have been those who have a vested financial interest in seeing the plant powered by natural gas. Unfortunately, electric customers know too well how electricity generated by natural gas is subject to huge price swings—and it’s the consumer who winds up paying for it,” Myers said. “I think Mr. Meacham needs to deal with the responsibilities of the State Treasurer’s office and let those charged with handling utility and natural resource matters tend to theirs.”

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