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Sen. Murdock invites citizens to Waynoka town hall meeting

State Sen. Casey Murdock has announced plans for a town hall meeting to be held in Waynoka on Tuesday, August 14.  The meeting will be held from six to eight p.m. at the Waynoka Chamber of Commerce at 1565 Main Street.

“I strongly encourage folks to come join us for this meeting—it’s really a conversation about what issues are priorities for our district and a chance for them to ask questions about the past session as well as the one coming up in February,” said Murdock, R-Felt. “I want to be the strongest voice possible for the people of Waynoka and all of District 27.  That’s why I am urging our citizens to come out so we can talk about the issues ahead of the 2019 legislative session.”

Contact info
Casey Murdock at 405-521-5626 or email