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Sen. McAffrey comments on Senator Tom Coburn’s retirement

“Today, I learned along with many Oklahomans that Senator Tom Coburn will resign at the end of 2014. Although Senator Coburn and I did not always see eye to eye on every issue, I believe that he is a man of honor and integrity and he has had a distinguished career in Congress. He brought to the attention of the American people the waste and reckless spending that happens in government; and I believe that no matter the political party, we can all agree that wasteful spending hurts all Americans. He worked to bring Democrats and Republicans together on common issues and was often a calming voice in the craziness of the United State Congress.

I want to thank Senator Coburn for his service to Oklahoma and for being a voice of reason in Congress when it was sorely needed. I, along with my family, wish Senator Coburn the best and we are praying for his recovery.”

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