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Sen. Mazzei Honors Campaign Pledge; Donates Pay to Public Schools

Sen. Mazzie speaks on his salary donation to his district's schools.

State Senator Mike Mazzei is honoring a promise he made last fall—if elected, he would contribute 20 percent of his first term’s salary to the schools in his district. The Tulsa Republican will make his first check presentation to the Bixby Public School Foundation later this month.

“This is something I had discussed with my wife, Noel, when I decided to run for the Senate. We have a shared belief that investing in Oklahoma’s children is an investment in the future of our state,” Sen. Mazzei said. “It’s important to voice support of education, but it is more important to follow through with actions. That’s what we’re doing by fulfilling this pledge.”

Sen. Mazzei will present the Bixby Public School Foundation with a check for $7,680.00 on January 31 at 2:00 p.m. at his business office in Tulsa. He’ll make an another presentation to the Union Public School Foundation in 2006, another to the Broken Arrow Public School Foundation in 2007 and to the Jenks Public School Foundation in 2008.

“It is an honor to have been chosen to serve my friends and neighbors in the State Senate. To be able to give back to those communities that sent me here is a privilege,” said Mazzei. “This is simply a token of our appreciation but we realize it pales in comparison to the energy, sweat and dedication shown by educators and administrators every single day.”

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