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Sen. Loveless plans to file bills restoring tort reform after State Supreme Court strikes down 2009 measure

Sen. Kyle Loveless Sen. Kyle Loveless

STATE CAPITOL –State Sen. Kyle Loveless announced plans to file a series of bills that would restore some of the 2009 lawsuit reform measures struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday. The Court ruled 7-2 that the Comprehensive Lawsuit Reform Act of 2009 violated the state constitution’s single-subject rule.

“The goal of the reforms contained in the 2009 legislation was to reduce frivolous lawsuits. It was an important component of a long-term effort to help create more jobs and economic growth for our state,” said Loveless, R-OklahomaCity. “If the court will not allow us to address these in one measure, we can simply reapprove them as separate bills, which I believe Oklahomans agree with.”

Loveless said he would introduce individual bills dealing with:

  • Junk Science and Expert Witness – adopts the federal guidelines.

  • Gun Manufacturers Liability Protection – prevents outrageous suits for manufacturers.

  • Volunteer Liability – in light of tornado – people that volunteer or allow volunteers onto their property should not be held for damages.

  • Common Sense Consumption Act to protect restaurants and food manufacturers from obesity suits.

  • Certificate of Merit for Professional Negligence within 90 days of suit being filed.

“It’s unfortunate the decision came down after the 2013 session ended, but I will work with our staff to have these measures drafted and filed ahead of the 2014 session,” Loveless said. “I anticipate these bills will be quickly approved and signed into law once the session begins in February.”

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