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Sen. Leftwich Requests Legislation Protecting Oklahomans from Government Land Grabs

Senator Debbe Leftwich Senator Debbe Leftwich

Sen. Debbe Leftwich said she’s working to ensure Oklahoma families and individuals don’t lose their homes in government land grabs after a recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain. The Oklahoma City Democrat said she has requested legislation to restrict government property seizures.

“Owning your own home is the American Dream. It is shocking to think that dream could be shattered because a big business has enough clout to take what you thought was yours,” Leftwich said.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that local governments could condemn personal property for use by private businesses if they felt there was a great enough economic benefit to the community to do so.

“Supposedly the Constitution protects citizens from government property seizures unless it is for the public good. Certainly I can see how a new school or a safer road would qualify—but I don’t think cities should be able to force people out of their homes simply because a big business wants their land,” Leftwich said.

Leftwich said she would introduce legislation to protect Oklahomans from potential government abuses during the next legislative session.

“The bottom line is this court decision was wrong and it could wind up hurting a lot of people. I want to make sure it doesn’t hurt Oklahomans who’ve worked hard for what they have,” Leftwich said.

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