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Sen. Leewright gives update on mandated performance audits of state agencies

State Sen. James Leewright said a commission tasked with ensuring state agencies undergo performance audits is making good progress.  Leewright authored legislation during the 2018 session mandating the audits.  His bill was later merged with another similar measure and ultimately was signed into law by the governor.

“We’ve heard the idea discussed in recent months, but what a lot of people don’t know is we did in fact address the issue of performance audits during the last legislative session and it’s the law now,” said Leewright, R-Bristow.  “The Agency Performance and Accountability Commission began holding regular meetings in May and audits are already underway for several state agencies.”

Commissioners have been assigned to act as liaisons between the agency and the full Commission while the performance audits are being conducted.  State agency audits that are already underway include the Office of Management and Enterprise Services; the Department of Public Safety; the District Attorneys Council; the Department of Corrections; and the Office of Juvenile Affairs. 

Leewright said the Commission plans to proceed with more audits of additional agencies this fiscal year because they came in significantly under budget with the first group of agency audits.

“While we have seen improvements in the state’s economy and were successful in developing additional revenue streams for specific agencies and programs, it is important that we continue to utilize tools like performance audits to ensure all our agencies are operating as efficiently as possible and continuing to identify cost-saving innovations,” Leewright said.  “As legislators, the most important job we have is writing and passing a balanced state budget.  These audits will help us as we seek to be the best stewards possible of those resources.”

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