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Sen. Hicks receives committee assignments

State Sen. Carri Hicks has been given her committee assignments for the 57th Legislature. Hicks will serve on the Senate Education Committee, the Health and Human Services Committee, the Transportation Committee and the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies.

            “My desire to see Oklahoma do a better job supporting public education brought me to the Senate, so I am deeply gratified to have a seat on the Education Committee for the 57th Legislature,” said Hicks, D-Oklahoma City. “This committee decides on a wide range of public policy bills that have a direct impact on our public schools, colleges and universities, career-techs and more. The decisions this committee makes are vitally important as we determine the best way to move Oklahoma forward.”

            As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, Hicks will help decide the fate of legislation dealing with health and mental health services, foster-care and policies impacting seniors.

            “We know as a state we must do more to improve our rankings for health, mental health and how we care for some of our most vulnerable citizens,” Hicks said.  “I look forward to representing my constituents and their concerns as we tackle these tough issues.”

            “I’m excited to have a voice on the Transportation Committee as well,” Hicks said. “Just look at the excitement and economic development possibilities we’re seeing with Oklahoma City’s addition of its new light rail street cars.  Transportation is an area that impacts commerce and job creation, tourism, public safety and so much more.”

            The Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies deals with 57 non-appropriated agencies and commissions that draw their funding from fees or from the services they provide.  These include agencies like the Grand River Dam Authority, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

            “While these entities don’t receive appropriations, they are state agencies that have a real impact on our citizens, so it’s important to have this subcommittee oversight,” Hicks said.

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Sen. Carri Hicks at 405-521-5543 or email