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Sen. Henry Comments on Keatings Marriage Statement

Statement by Senator Brad Henry,
Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee

"My reason for not hearing the covenant marriage bill is pretty simple. I don't think the government should be sticking its nose any further into the private lives of Oklahomans, especially when it comes to marriage. Government shouldn't be in the business of telling people who they should marry or how long they should stay married. That is a personal and private decision that should be left to a husband and wife in consultation with their families and their pastor, not the legislature or the governor.

"Under this particular piece of legislation, for example, a wife could be beaten by her husband every day of her marriage, but the government would forbid granting her a divorce until she hired a lawyer and went to court to prove that abuse had occurred. Governor Keating may think that's okay, but I don't.

"I really don't put much stock in what Governor Keating says these days anyway. Ever since he accepted $250,000 from Jack Dreyfus to perform favors for him, he lost all credibility with me. I don't think he's in a position to be lecturing anyone about ethics or morals after his behavior in the Dreyfus affair."


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