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Sen. Dahm files bill creating tax credit for those taking gun safety courses

OKLAHOMA CITY- Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed legislation Wednesday to create an income tax credit for Oklahoma citizens who successfully complete the gun safety training course required to get a concealed carry permit.

“Since Constitutional Carry has gone into effect, many people have expressed concerns about no longer forcing people to undergo government-mandated training in order to exercise their rights. Even though we haven’t had any major incidents, I encourage everyone to exercise their rights in a safe and informed way. This bill will allow those who wish to take the training course to do so and then claim an income tax credit for the costs of the course.” Dahm said.

Senate Bill 1090 includes several provisions, including a tax credit for those who complete the course, a tax credit to cover the fingerprinting, pictures, and licensing costs for those who get their concealed carry, as well as a tax credit for those who renew their existing carry permit.

“Whether it’s our second amendment rights to bear arms, first amendment rights to free speech, exercising our religion, or truthfully engaging in the freedom of press, it is important that we all use our rights without harm to others,” Dahm said. “I look forward to having all those who have expressed concerns about the training requirements to join me in promoting this solution to encourage additional training without government force.”

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For more information, contact Sen. Nathan Dahm at 405-521-5551.