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Sen. Coffee Skeptical of Sen. Corn’s New Interest in Fiscal Responsibility

State Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee expressed skepticism Friday that a Democrat state senator is serious about two proposals he purports would implement reforms to make state government more fiscally responsible.

“Senate Democrats practically invented fiscal irresponsibility, so I am highly skeptical that Sen. Corn is serious about his proposals,” stated Coffee, R-Oklahoma City.

Friday, Sen. Kenneth Corn, D-Howe, issued a news release saying he would introduce two bills in 2006 to “promote responsibility and accountability.” The first would require the Oklahoma Tax Commission to submit a 10-year average of gross production revenue to the State Board of Equalization. The second would require state agencies to conduct performance audits.

“For decades Senate Democrats have used smoke and mirrors in the budget process so they could continue to spend money like drunken sailors. And Senate Democrats have openly mocked Republican efforts to bring performance standards to state agencies. Sen. Corn’s proposals seem like just another effort by Senate Democrats to put lipstick on a pig, trying to make themselves look prettier heading into 2006,” Coffee said.

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