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Sen. Burns files bills to increase restrictions on access to adult material by minors

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has filed legislation to better protect minors from accessing sexually explicit materials.

Studies show that adult content has damaging effects on cognitive development in adolescents and teens. There are also studies that adult material has an association with violent behaviors and can create unrealistic expectations of sexual relationships later in life.

“Children and teens are the most vulnerable and impressionable among us in society,” Burns said. “We need to take action to make sure that our youth are accessing appropriate materials and not being influenced by these websites.”

Out of 4,009 scenes on two major adult content websites, 35 to 45% depicted violence of which 97% was directed at women.

SB 1234would require manufacturers and retailers of internet-enabled devices to ensure their products are equipped with filters at the time of sale that would block applications or websites that share these materials. It would also include a way to report any websites or applications that are not properly blocked by the filter.

Under SB 1736, hotels, motels, or any other businesses offering sleeping accommodations would be required to enforce restrictions on minors’ access to adult content.

“You can walk into a hotel room, turn on the TV and have almost immediate access to material inappropriate for minors,” Burns said. “There needs to be safeguards in place to ensure this content isn’t accessed by anyone underage.”

These bills can be considered when session begins February 7.



For more information, contact Sen. George Burns at 405-521-5614 or email