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Sen. Bullard statement on vocational bills to help youth on career path

Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, released a statement Monday regarding six bills he has filed to help Oklahoma schools have proper data, programs and other tools necessary to help get students on a path to success through partnerships with the business community and various industries. They include SB 82SB 132SB 619SB 623SB 784 and SB 983

“In the rotunda of our state Capitol, you will find the state motto inscribed on the wall, ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’, which is Latin for ‘Work Conquers All’. I believe we have the most talented work force in the United States.  What’s lacking is our ability to help students find their vision for their future. 

“I’m introducing several bills this session that will help Oklahoma schools have proper data, and the tools they need to get their students to a place of success. The intention of these bills is to help students choose a pathway to a successful future. For some it will mean colleges and universities, and we will have them ready.  However, many students will not choose the pathway of college and they too should be equally ready to attain their goals through a vocational career. 

“Our kids deserve to be shown the different career paths available to them.  They must have ample opportunity to experience different fields and industries through apprenticeships or internships to have their eyes opened to the vast possibilities available to them.  These bills focus on these goals and will help get our students post-secondary ready, no matter which pathway they choose.

“As our motto states, we can out work this problem and create a better future for our kids and grandkids—one that is full of infinite possibilities. I’m working to make sure that the students of Oklahoma are not the largest export of Oklahoma.  We want these students using their great talents right here in our state.”    

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