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Sen. Bullard statement on blood donation tax credit

Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, has filed Senate Bill 905, which will provide an income tax credit, for tax years 2022 through 2027, to businesses that host blood drives for their employees.

The COVID pandemic has played havoc on many aspects of our lives from how we work and educate our children to how we conduct our daily lives and business. All of these can be adjusted, and even changed dramatically, in some instances. However, the need for blood is something that cannot be simply adjusted or changed. It cannot be manufactured like so many other essentials in our lives. There is no substitute for blood; and simply put, it is a true matter of life and death.

“I have introduced Senate Bill 905 to assist our state’s blood banks in their noble goal of ensuring our hospitals and health care industry have the lifesaving blood they need. It takes approximately 1,200 daily blood donations just to meet our state’s bare minimum health needs. My bill will allow the state to join our fellow Oklahomans and wonderful business community in a private/public joint venture that will help us maintain the lifesaving blood supply our citizens need. This is an issue that goes beyond partisan politics—we’re focusing on saving human lives. This is a bill that will unite both sides of the aisle, and together make sure that our state has the necessary blood supply when Oklahomans need it.”

For more information, contact:  Sen. David Bullard: (405) 521-5586 or

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