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Sen. Brogdon’s States’ Rights Resolution Draws National Attention

Sen. Randy Brogdon Sen. Randy Brogdon
Sen. Brogdon discusses SJR 10 and states' rights.

Legislation by Sen. Randy Brogdon calling for the end of federal mandates and programs that usurp states’ rights is gaining national attention. The Owasso Republican said Senate Joint Resolution 10 has struck a chord, not only with Oklahomans, but with people from around the country. The Washington Post, Washington Times, the Boston Globe and Reuters are among the many news organizations that have interviewed Brogdon about SJR 10. Brogdon said Congress has overstepped its powers as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and eroded the sovereignty of individual states.

“The 10th amendment clearly spells out what powers are reserved for the federal government, like coining money, maintaining a navy, and other functions which clearly should be on a national level,” Brogdon said. “But for decades, Congress has forced federal legislation and unfunded mandates on the states in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. Congress is supposed to serve the states. Instead, they’re telling the states how to conduct their internal business.”

Brogdon said the federal homeland security requirements, the Patriot Act and the No Child Left Behind legislation are all examples of unconstitutional mandates. He said many states feel pressured or coerced to submit to these programs because of the promise of some federal funds, or the threat of withholding funds from the states.

“I do not believe for a second that we should give up any of our sovereignty or any of our freedom just for a little bit of money from the feds,” Brogdon said. “Next week, we’ll take up Senate Joint Resolution 10, ordering the federal government to cease all activities that fall outside of their Constitutional powers. We’re going to reclaim our rights as a state, and we’re going to start governing accordingly.”

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