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Sen. Boggs presents resolution to support rail line expansion

Sen. Larry Boggs, R-Wilburton, presented House Concurrent Resolution 1012 to the full Senate on Monday, which encourages and supports the expansion of the rail line from Shawnee to McAlester.

“For years, the rail line running from McAlester to Shawnee played an important role in Oklahoma’s economy, especially in the eastern half of our state,” Boggs said. “It transported peanuts and other agricultural products from Southeastern to Central Oklahoma and ammunition from McAlester to Tinker Air Force Base.

This rail line is no longer in operation, but re-opening and expanding the line could have a great impact on business and industry operations in our state. I’m glad my colleagues see the importance of this and support the expansion of the rail line.”

The resolution was adopted unanimously.

For more information, contact: Sen. Larry Boggs at 405-521-5604, or email



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Contact info
Sen. Larry Boggs at 405-521-5604, or email