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School Security Act Signed by Governor

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb

Sen. Todd Lamb on Wednesday praised Gov. Brad Henry for taking action to make Oklahoma schools some of the safest in the nation by signing Senate Bill 1941, the Oklahoma School Security Act.

“The signing of this measure is good news for Oklahomans. It’s incumbent upon us to do everything in our power to mitigate risks at our schools and ensure they are safe environments for students and staff,” said Lamb, R-Oklahoma City. “This law gives us the opportunity to make numerous security improvements and reduce instances of violence and bullying in our schools.”

Under SB 1941, schools will be required to practice lockdowns twice each year. The bill additionally places school administrators on regional Homeland Security Advisory boards, guaranteeing their voices are heard on important security related concerns.

The measure also incorporates language regarding electronic communications under the state’s bullying statues. Under previous state law, electronic communications could not be considered bullying.

Lamb noted that effectively policing and preventing bullying is a critical component to reducing the risks of school violence.

“Studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of students who perpetrate school shootings have been the victims of bullying,” Lamb said. “It was important that we provide administrators with tools to combat bullying.”

Lamb said the Legislature has both a moral and legal obligation to ensure that no parent has to fear their child may be the victim of violence in Oklahoma schools.

“I’m pleased the Governor has joined with the Legislature in approving a bill that will help keep our children and educators safe,” Lamb said. “I look forward to its implementation, and remain committed to doing everything in my power to make our schools the nation’s safest.”

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