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SB 360 Would Authorize Temporary Fishing Permits

Sen. Reynolds says temporary fishing permits are good for Oklahoma families.

Oklahoma State Senate Communications Division
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 30 For Immediate Release: May , 2003 Clip
Senator Jim Reynolds
SB 30 Would Authorize Temporary Fishing Permits A measure that passed the Senate Wednesday would make it possible for Oklahomans to purchase temporary fishing permits, according to Senator Jim Reynolds, ROKC.
Language added to SB 30, which was authored by Senator Frank Shurden, DHenryetta, would allow for the creation of twoday fishing permits that would be available only to state residents. The permits would cost 0 each.
I tried to introduce this in an amendment to a different bill, but it failed. Although my original proposal didnt pass, I am happy that Oklahomans who dont want to buy an annual or lifetime fishing license may be allowed to buy a temporary permit under this measure, Reynolds said.
On May , the governor signed two measures HB 3 and HB 9 that will raise the fees for annual and lifetime licenses for both hunting and fishing, respectively.
Senator Reynolds had originally attempted to introduce the temporary fishing permit proposal as an amendment to HB 3. However, that proposal was defeated in the Senate.
Aside from the temporary fishing permit provision, SB 30 would also lower license fees for younger anglers and hunters.
Under the bill, anglers and hunters who are and years old would be allowed to purchase either an annual fishing license or an annual hunting license for a fee of rather than the full amount of 20.
Similarly, and yearolds who both hunt and fish could purchase a combination hunting and fishing license for 9 rather than the full amount of 3.
Meanwhile, children under the age of would still be exempt from all license fees.
This bill is a great vehicle for the temporary fishing permit provision because it recognizes the danger that Ive pointed out all along about raising fishing and hunting license fees, Reynolds added.
By allowing for temporary fishing permits and lowering prices for young people who hunt and fish, SB 30 would ease the fee burden on many Oklahoma families who like to participate in outdoor sports.
SB 30 is now headed back to the House for its consideration.

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