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The Queen of Hearts has Taken over the Speaker’s Office

Senator Tom Adelson Senator Tom Adelson

Senator Adelson Comments on the Formation of the House of Representatives Medicaid Reform Task Force

“Today, Speaker Hiett began his-fated hunt to attack Oklahoma’s Medicaid program, which he claims has wasted and/or mismanaged over $100 million in taxpayer money.

“These are odd words to come from the man who led the charge to increase funding for the state Medicaid program by a whopping 33 percent!

“That’s the single largest increase ever in the history of the Medicaid program. How could any responsible legislator increase the budget of a state program if that legislator believes the program is engaging in fraud and waste and program abuse?

“It’s part of Speaker Hiett’s schizoid behavior – spend money like a Ted Kennedy liberal while employing the rhetoric of a Grover Norquist.

“As Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Social Services, I look forward to the opportunity in the coming weeks and months to review the work of the Medicaid Reform Task Force.

“Members of the Task Force will find that I am ready and willing to roll up my sleeves and work to help make tomorrow better for the 360,000 Oklahoma children insured by Medicaid.

“But we need to strengthen our public health system, not tear it down. And we need to gather data before we reach a verdict.”

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