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Public Education Funding Increasing by 113 Million in FY 04, to Highest Total Ever

Sen. Williamson explains that with all revenue sources, common ed will have highest funding levels ever.

Oklahoma State Senate Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 30 For Immediate Release: April 30, 2003 Clip
LR Rep. Tad Jones, Sen. Mike Johnson, Senate Republican Leader James A. Williamson and Rep. Susan Winchester talk about education funding levels for FY 0
Public Education Funding Increasing by
3 Million in FY 0, to Highest Total Ever State Capitol, Oklahoma City Finally, some good news for education. An analysis by the state Senates fiscal staff indicates that total K through 2 education funding will increase by 3 million next year to its highest level ever, legislative Republicans announced Wednesday. When you determine total spending based on the state aid formula, which accounts for local state appropriations for state aid and local and state dedicated revenue, the total dollar amount estimated to be spent on common education next year will be the highest total level of funding ever, stated Senator Mike Johnson, RKingfisher, the Senate GOPs caucus chairman. Johnson requested the Senate staffs analysis. Considering that total school spending is on the rise, you really have to question whether the myriad of tax increases being clamored for are in the name of education are really necessary. During this tight budget year, the Legislature needs to direct as much state money as possible into our top priorities, tighten the rest of state governments belt, and resist the temptation to increase the tax burden on Oklahoma families and small businesses. This would help ensure that our state economy rebounds more quickly and that state government emerges leaner, more efficient, and more effective in the long run, said Senator James Williamson, RTulsa, Senate Republican Leader. In a year that has been full of financial woes, it is enlightening to see that next year the formula funding for common education is estimated to be the highest it ever has been in our state, said Rep. Susan Winchester, RChickasha, the Houses Assistant Minority Leader. It is always reassuring to see the hard work that we have put into common education funding paying off. This information should be reassuring to teachers, administrators, students, and parents, stated Rep. Tad Jones, RClaremore, House Minority Whip. According to the analysis by the Senate staff, steadily rising property taxes and an 0 million increase in state aid will contribute to an increase the overall education spending determined through the state aid formula for Fiscal Year 200, which begins July . The estimated local and state dedicated revenue, which includes property taxes, School Land Commission investments, gross production tax, motor vehicle tax, and rural electric association cooperative tax, will total ,00,9,3 for FY 200. This is compares to 92 million in the current fiscal year, 9 million in FY02, and 3 million in FY0. When the local and state dedicated revenue are combined with the ,2,29,302 state appropriations for FY0 state aid recently signed into law, total funding through the state education formula is estimated to be 2,30,0, next year. This is a 3 million dollar increase over the current fiscal, and 39 million more than two years ago. For a tight budget year, common education is making out very well compared to other state agencies, and education will remain a top priority for Republicans, Johnson concluded.

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