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Pruitt Says for Meaningful Workers Compensation Reform is Only Way to Fix Recurring MITF Shortfalls

Responding to the Legislative leadership's request to include the financial shortfalls of the Multiple Injury Trust Fund in a special session call, Senator Scott Pruitt (R-Broken Arrow) expressed hope that meaningful workers compensation reform could be a reality.

"I welcome Senator Taylor's call to add workers compensation to the agenda in September. However, the last two years the legislature has only considered piecemeal fixes to workers compensation and the MITF. This is unacceptable." said Pruitt. "Our highest priority is to ensure that injured workers receive the benefits they have been awarded, and in my opinion, it takes more than just writing a check or issuing a loan to provide that assurance. It takes real reform."

Pruitt commented that he was pleased with the meaningful negotiations that have already occurred and hoped they will result in an agreement for the Special Session. "Both sides have been talking and making some progress," said Pruitt. "We have a real opportunity to do some good for the workers and businesses of Oklahoma, and I hope everyone embraces this opportunity."

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