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Promise Denied: Rules Committee Refuses Hearing on Legislation Expanding OHLAP for Two-Year Colleges

Sen. Kenneth Corn Sen. Kenneth Corn
Sen. Corn says Second Century Promise not heard.

A bill to give thousands more Oklahoma students the opportunity to earn associates degrees did not get a hearing by the February 21 Senate deadline for committee action on legislation. Sen. Kenneth Corn said the lack of action on Senate Bill 2020 was disappointing, but said he would continue to promote the program in the legislature.

“Business and community leaders across the state have said time and time again that the most important thing we can do to increase per capita income and attract high paying jobs to Oklahoma is to have more college graduates—that’s exactly what my bill would do,” said Corn, D-Poteau. “I’m extremely disappointed the bill didn’t even get a hearing, but I plan to use every legislative tool possible to move this proposal forward.”

Corn’s bill, “Oklahoma’s Second Century Promise,” had been assigned to the Senate Rules committee. The measure would have ultimately enabled high school students not eligible for OHLAP to qualify for scholarships that would help them to complete their first two years of college, and then go on to complete their bachelor degree if they maintained a minimum 2.5 GPA.

“I certainly understand that we’re looking at a different picture now with the state budget, but it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to move forward with this plan to increase Oklahoma’s college graduates,” Corn said. “I’m very frustrated that Oklahoma’s Second Century Promise has been denied to our young people for now, but I am determined to continue working toward the goal of helping more Oklahoma students earn their college degrees.”

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