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Pro Tem Bingman statement on Contingency Review Board vote

Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman issued the following statement Thursday, following the Contingency Review Board (CRB) vote to approve the settlement agreement in the case of D.G., by Next Friend, G. Gail Stricklin, et al., v. Brad Yarbrough, Chairman of the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services, et al.:

There is no obligation we ought to take more seriously than the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us - particularly children in heartbreaking situations beyond their control. The most important thing in this settlement agreement is a focus on improving the quality of services provided for the children of Oklahoma.

Today's vote to approve the settlement agreement is a step in the right direction, and still must be approved by U.S. District Judge Frizzell. Like all Oklahomans, I am eager for Department of Human Services officials, state-elected officials, and the legislature to work together for the benefit of Oklahoma's children."

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