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Pro Tem Bingman Comments on Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit Filing

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman comments on today’s filing of a lawsuit challenging Senate Bill 1062, the workers’ compensation overhaul bill passed this year:

“The workers’ compensation legislation passed this year is landmark reform that has been needed for quite some time. Our state’s workers’ compensation rates are out of control, and it is impacting economic development and job creation in our state.

“Senate Bill 1062 has already contributed to a 14.6 percent reduction in rates even before full implementation, and I believe that is only the start as our rates come more into line with those in other states. This reform is working just as intended and must be allowed to be fully implemented to ensure Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation rates are reduced, all while continuing to protect Oklahoma workers.

“I am confident this law is constitutional and hope that once the Court reviews the facts in this case, without bias, this much-needed reform will remain on the books.”

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