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President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman Statement Regarding Supreme Court Decision to Hear Challenge to Obamacare

Sen. Brian Bingman Sen. Brian Bingman

President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman, R-Sapulpa, released the following statement Monday in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to take up a challenge by small businesses and 26 states to President Obama’s unconstitutional health care law:

“Oklahomans know President Obama overreached when he forced his unconstitutional government healthcare takeover through Congress. That’s why our state voted overwhelmingly to keep Obamacare, and its individual mandate to buy government-sanctioned health insurance, from becoming law.

“Obamacare represents a dangerous, unprecedented expansion of the federal government’s reach into our everyday lives. Worse yet, it will kill jobs and crush small businesses under the weight of unsustainable cost increases.

“It is my hope that the Supreme Court will reject President Obama’s unconstitutional health care law, just as we’ve done here in Oklahoma.”

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