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Pittman announces kindergarten preparedness interim study in conjunction with educational think tank

Sen. Anastasia Pittman Sen. Anastasia Pittman

State Sen. Anastasia A. Pittman has announced an interim study focusing on school preparedness for kindergarten students in Oklahoma. The study is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27 in room 419C at the State Capitol.

“We will explore many areas of discussion at the interim study as we seek to understand what challenges our children must overcome to be ready to enter kindergarten and be successful in school,” said Pittman. “Many children face deficiencies in developmental and motor skill sets as well as social and emotional challenges upon entering kindergarten, so this study will allow us to dig deeper into the root causes of those roadblocks and begin to build bridges to meet the gap.”

Pittman said several presenters are scheduled to speak on Tuesday to offer supporting information from various state agencies and organizations, including:
Kayla Hindman – State Department of Education
Carter Kimble – State Health Department
Stacy Dykstrera – Smart Start
Pat Potts – Potts Family Foundation

Pittman has already taken steps over the last several months to gather information about early education preparedness through three think tank meetings, with a fourth meeting scheduled for next month. Community leaders, parents, teachers, homeschool educators, and other interested groups have participated in the think tank forum to collaborate on their vision of the future for the curriculum in Oklahoma’s school system.

“This interim study is the first step suggested by our monthly educational think tank participants. The goal is to share with the public the information we discover regarding Oklahoma requirements for our children being prepared for kindergarten and then create a plan to bring the vision to fruition,” said Pittman. “By identifying the most significant challenges in kindergarten preparedness through the interim study, our hope is to create a diverse and inclusionary program that will serve students equally across the state. I’m optimistic that the ideas generated, coupled with the information we gather at the kindergarten preparedness interim study, will enable us to unite to ensure our schools are consistently providing all students with the best education possible.”

Pittman added Tuesday’s interim study is open to the public and encouraged community leaders, local pastors, teachers, retired educators and daycare administrators to attend.

The interim study will meet Tuesday, October 27 in room 419C at the State Capitol and the 4th meeting of the educational think tank will be held on Tuesday, November 24 at 3pm.

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