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Painting Honoring Oklahoma Aviator To Be Dedicated

OKLAHOMA CITY - A painting by Oklahoma artist R.T. Foster will be unveiled at the State Capitol Monday. The work portrays the sooner state's highest scoring fighter pilot of World War II. That's according to Senator Charles Ford of Tulsa, President of the Oklahoma Historical Preservation Fund, Inc.

The painting will be dedicated during a ceremony in the Senate Chambers on Monday, March 20, at 1:45 p.m.

"Colonel Robert S. Johnson of Lawton was one of the finest fighter pilots of World War II. In fact his last two victories first equaled and then surpassed the score World War I flying ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacker," said Senator Ford.

"He is truly an American hero. However this painting actually honors not just Colonel Johnson, but all of the Oklahomans serving in the Army Air corps during the Second World War," noted Senator Ford.

This is the latest in a series of paintings memorializing events and people important to the history of Oklahoma. The painting of Colonel Roberts is a gift from Senator Ford and Tulsan Tom Clark.

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