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Organization For Competitive Markets is set to meet in Kansas City

OKLAHOMA CITY - Hoping to further advance the message of the plight of the family farmer in America, the Organization For Competitive Markets is set to meet in Kansas City next week, according to Senator Paul Muegge, D- Tonkawa.

The OCM is the product of a grass roots effort to assemble those who are dedicated to the independent production of agriculture, including farmers, ranchers, attorneys, legislators and others who are connected to the farming industry.

"Oklahoma is one of the many states that is beginning to absorb the devastating effects of the heavy hand of the corporate farming trend," said Senator Muegge. "Fortunately, in just a short two years, the OCM has already rallied a tremendous amount of support for preserving the family farm and I expect the meeting next week will be a strong measure of that support."

OCM has openly criticized farm organizations that have supported large agribusiness interests and have been against the family farm systems. The organization has also been swift to protest the claims of professionals who have been insisting to Congress that there isn't a farm crisis in America.

The OCM has recently questioned other national organizations that have started to align themselves with the production agriculture heavyweights, leaving the independent producer without equitable representation on a state and national level.

"Although it's certainly no secret to any farmer in Oklahoma that the future of America's family farms is in a downward spiral, the efforts of the OCM are appreciated by farmers who are simply trying to preserve their livelihood," said Senator Muegge. "The organization is moving in the right direction. Their voices are starting to be heard by legislators and other groups that can make change happen regarding corporate regulation and food production in the farming industry. I am confident the upcoming meeting will be another step closer to helping the American farmer's concerns be heard and addressed."

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