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Oklahoma Values Targeted by Radical Left

Henry, Dems Challenged to Condemn

Oklahoma’s traditional family values are under attack by radical, left-wing organizations, a Republican leader said Thursday.

“I think those who earlier this year said there was no threat in Oklahoma to traditional marriage and traditional adoption would have to admit they misunderstood a very real threat,” stated Senate Republican Leader James A. Williamson.

“The far left has targeted our family-friendly state in attempt to force a radical agenda on us. Make no doubt about it; the liberals are fighting an all-out war against Oklahoma’s traditional family values. If they don’t win in the Legislature or at the ballot box, then they take us to court,” Williamson said.

Lambda Legal targeted Oklahoma with a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to overturn Oklahoma’s law that prohibits the recognition of same-sex adoptions. Lambda Legal pushes a radical homosexual agenda nationally.

Earlier this summer, pro-homosexual-marriage activists filed a lawsuit to keep Oklahomans from constitutionally defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Williamson called on Gov. Brad Henry and the Democrat leaders of the State Legislature to join him in condemning the far left’s lawsuits attacking Oklahoma values.

“The people of Oklahoma have a right to know where our leaders stand. Are you with the people, or are you with the radical left?” Williamson queried.

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