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"Oklahoma Pride"

A Weekly Update on all of the Good News about Oklahoma

Because much of the good news about our state is sometimes overlooked by state leaders and others, many positive developments and success stories in Oklahoma go unreported. It is our hope that "Oklahoma Pride," a weekly publication of the Oklahoma Senate, will ensure that the best stories about Oklahoma are told.

For example, this week in Oklahoma, did you know that......

Just when it seems like Oklahoma's economic growth has peaked, we get another dose of encouraging news. The latest tidbit came from the Office of State Finance which reported this week that state revenue collections were up by $37 million in February. That's 15 percent higher than budget trackers predicted. It's just one more sign of a growing Oklahoma economy.

Economists are also predicting Oklahoma's record economic growth will continue for at least the next few years. According to OU's Center for Economics and Management Research, indicators reflect strong job growth for 1997 and 1998. Oklahoma City is projected to add at least 13,000 jobs in the next year while Tulsa lands 10,000.

The Oklahoma City area landed its share of new jobs this week. The Cincinnati-based MATRIXX Marketing announced it will open a new customer service center in Moore, creating 600 new jobs there.

McAlester is sharing in Oklahoma's economic success as well. An Arkansas bass boat manufacturer is moving its operations to the eastern Oklahoma city, bringing up to 400 jobs with it. Hawk Bass Boats says it chose Oklahoma in part because of its central location.

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