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"Oklahoma Pride "

A Weekly Update on all of the Good News about Oklahoma

Because much of the good news about our state is sometimes overlooked by state leaders and others, many positive developments and success stories in Oklahoma go unreported. It is our hope that "Oklahoma Pride," a weekly publication of the Oklahoma Senate, will ensure that the best stories about Oklahoma are told.

For example, this week in Oklahoma, did you know that......

While Oklahoma lawmakers are cutting taxes this year ($56 million already), many of our economic competitors around the country are raising them. Another case in point is Illinois. The Governor and Legislature there are considering a $1.9 billion income tax increase to boost funding for public schools and offset the costs of property tax reform. Texas is implementing a similar program.

The tax increases may be bad news for the people of Illinois and Texas, but they're good news for Oklahoma. It's just one more point in our favor when we butt heads against the two states on the economic recruitment trail.

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