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Nichols Paves Way for Dental Mission of Mercy

Sen. Jonathan Nichols Sen. Jonathan Nichols

House Bill 1059 by Senator Jonathan Nichols unanimously passed the Senate and allows greater access to dental care for Oklahomans in need.

House Bill 1059 permits out-of-state dental licensees participating in public health initiatives or disaster community service events to receive a special volunteer license, who wish to donate their expertise for the dental care and treatment of indigent and needy persons of the state.

On February 5, 2010, the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA) is providing a “Dental Mission of Mercy” at the Tulsa Convention Center to aid hundreds, if not thousands of Oklahomans in need of critical dental care. Oklahoma is the 14th state to conduct such a mission, with ODA planning to do one each year. Oklahoma citizens will receive free extractions, fillings and cleanings with a special section for children.

Kansas conducted a Mission of Mercy within a 2-day period and 1,780 patients were served: 660 cleanings, 1,800 filings and 2,875 extractions equaling $1,015,000 in donated dental care.

“When financial times are tough, we need to explore every opportunity to provide affordable health care for Oklahomans,” said Nichols. “The Dental Mission of Mercy will provide critical dental care and a healthier lifestyle to our most needy citizens.”

House Bill 1059 now advances to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

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