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Newberry Opposed to Including Abortion in Proposed Healthcare Reform

State Sen. Dan Newberry said he was opposed to federal proposals in healthcare reform that could increase the number of abortions in this country funded for by taxpayers.

“Oklahomans have worked hard to enact legislation protecting our most vulnerable citizens, yet there are many in Washington who clearly do not believe in the sanctity of human life,” Newberry said. “We’ve already seen at least one U.S. House proposal that would require Americans to carry a ‘minimum package of health benefits.’ I am terribly concerned that means taxpayers would be forced to help pay for abortions, despite the moral objections of millions of Americans.”

Newberry, R-Tulsa, authored and passed Senate Resolution 5 during the 2009 session, decrying the “Freedom of Choice Act.” That measure, proposed by Barack Obama during his presidential campaign, would invalidate many of Oklahoma’s laws aimed at protecting the unborn.

“The healthcare reforms being proposed right now are just another way to overturn efforts in Oklahoma to protect women’s health and save the lives of innocent babies,” Newberry said. “Oklahomans and their fellow citizens from across the country need to let Congress know they oppose the inclusion of abortion mandates in the healthcare reforms being discussed in Washington.”

Newberry praised Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin for her opposition to efforts that would result in the expansion of taxpayer funded abortions, as well as mandates that would require private insurance companies to cover abortions.

“I want to commend Representative Fallin for standing with the countless pro-life Americans in this country who are morally opposed to abortion on demand,” Newberry said. “She’s taken the right stand, and I am proud to stand with her in this fight.”

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