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Newberry comments on Supreme Court ruling on health care

Sen. Dan Newberry today issued the following statement following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act:

“The Supreme Court’s ruling is an extraordinary disappointment, but it provides the public with valuable information about Obamacare. Today’s ruling lays bare the deception of the Obama administration in assuring the public that the Affordable Health Care Act was not a massive tax increase. This is an extraordinary fraud – if presented to the American people as the huge tax increase it really is, the proposal would have been overwhelmingly rejected.

“Despite the Court’s ruling, there is no question Obamacare remains terrible policy. The law diminishes individual liberty, broadens the authority of the federal government and marks an expansion of the welfare state.

“Now, more than ever, we need leaders who will step forward and repeal the law, replacing it with a health care solution that will protect the doctor-patient relationship, restore freedom of choice and encourage competition. Now that the Court has clarified that the proposal’s funding mechanism is a massive new tax, my hope is that the American people will demand strong leadership to advance a repeal of the law.”

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