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Newberry Applauds Passage of Obamacare Opt-Out Resolution

Sen. Dan Newberry Sen. Dan Newberry

Sen. Dan Newberry on Tuesday praised the state Senate’s passage of an Obamacare opt-out measure designed to prohibit the new federal law from forcing citizens and employers to participate in a nationalized health care system.

“I’m pleased that we approved another important piece of legislation expressing our opposition to the federal government’s takeover of the health care industry,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa. “We intend to move forward with every tool at our disposal to preserve our freedom to seek out the best available health care, and oppose this unprecedented overreach of federal authority. This proposal will give Oklahoma voters another opportunity to have their voices heard on the issue.”

House Joint Resolution 1054, co-authored by Sen. Randy Brogdon, would allow voters to approve an amendment to prohibit any law or rule from compelling any person or employer to participate in any health care system. The measure would also allow any person or employer to pay directly for lawful health services without paying any penalties or fines, and would permit a health care provider to provide directly purchased lawful health services without paying any penalties or fines. The measure was approved by a vote of 36-11.

“The federal government’s plan for a takeover of the health care industry carries the threat of grave consequences for our nation and state,” Newberry said. “In addition to inevitable federal tax increases and higher premium costs, the plan places enormous unfunded mandates on the State of Oklahoma. Given our already tenuous budget situation, this proposal could ultimately jeopardize funding for essential state services. We will continue doing everything in our power to oppose this plan.”

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