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New Law Aimed at Protecting Disabled from Losing Homes

Sen. Reynolds explains his measure to protect the homes of disabled Oklahomans who owe property taxes.

A measure aimed at ensuring disabled Oklahomans wont lose their homes because of unpaid property taxes has been signed into law. Senator Jim Reynolds, ROKC, is principal author of Senate Bill 23, which was coauthored by Representative Kevin Calvey, RDel City.
Senator Reynolds explained that while the measure doesnt exempt those individuals from property taxes, it does ensure their homes wont be sold to pay property taxes.
Disabled, lowincome people can have an especially hard time covering their property taxes at the end of the year. But I think its wrong for them face the possibility of being homeless because of it. SB 23 is a way to help them stay in their homes, while ensuring that the county will eventually receive payment for those taxes, explained Senator Reynolds. The lawmaker passed a similar measure last year aimed at protecting elderly homeowners.
Under SB 23, a person must be totally disabled and designated as lowincome as defined by federal guidelines to have their property taxes deferred. In addition, the home must be valued at less than 2,000 and must be their personal residence.
Once that property is sold or there is any transfer of title, the taxes would have to be paid. But in the meantime, that individual would still have a roof over their head.
The new law will become effective on November , 2003.

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