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Minority Leaders Comment on Taylor Redistricting Plan

Statement by Senator Jim Dunlap,
Senate Minority Leader

"It's interesting to finally see any kind of plan on congressional redistricting from the majority party. It is also interesting that for the first time in state history, the Democrat leadership is not concerned about the seniority of our congressional delegation. Senator Taylor also makes a point about not crossing county lines, but his map clearly crosses community lines such as Enid, Oklahoma City and Tulsa."

"I remain hopeful that some kind of plan can be put together which would protect the seniority of the current delegation and also fulfill requirements of the redistricting issue. However, I would point out that for 95 years the Republicans have worked in cooperation on congressional redistricting and now that they have the majority of the delegation, it is disappointing that they are not receiving the same treatment."

Statement by Senator Glenn Coffee,
Vice-chairman Subcommittee on Congressional Redistricting:

"Senator Taylor's comments are political and should be considered in that vein. This plan would not result in giving Oklahoma the best representation possible in Congress. Arguably, the fifth district with all of its agricultural interests could end up being represented by an urban congressman who may not have the expertise needed by that district's farmers. Grant and Garfield counties would be represented by an urban Tulsan, seriously diminishing the effectiveness of the representation of each unique area. Senator Taylor's statement clearly shows that the legislative effort has failed and we are now merely positioning for the courts."

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