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LeGrand appointed to Oklahoma Conservation Commission

OKLAHOMA CITY – The State Senate has confirmed the executive nomination of Deanna LeGrand of Reydon to serve on the Oklahoma Conservation Committee, according to State Senator Darcy Jech. 

            LeGrand is a self-employed farmer and rancher who, along with her husband, manages and operates about 2,000 acres of small grain, cotton, hay and cattle.

            “I am pleased with the experience Ms. LeGrand brings to this position,” said Sen. Jech, R-Kingfisher.  “I am confident she will be an excellent member of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission.”

            LeGrande is a graduate of Clinton High School and later attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  Before her most recent appointment, LeGrand previously served for several years as a director of the Upper Washita Conservation District.

            The Oklahoma Conservation Committee was authorized under the Conservation District Act in 1937 when Oklahoma land owners faced the ongoing concern of erosion from wind and water.  Today, the Commission has five members who focus their responsibilities on land use planning, reclamation of abandoned mine land, water quality monitoring and soil, water, wildlife and forestry conservation.  LeGrande’s current term on the commission will expire June 2019.

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