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Legislators praise extension of Insure Oklahoma

Sen. Jabar Shumate Sen. Jabar Shumate

Sen. Jabar Shumate and Rep. Kevin Matthews, Vice Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, issued the following statements concerning Friday’s announcement that Insure Oklahoma has received a one-year extension from the federal government.

Sen. Jabar Shumate, D-Tulsa
“The extension of the Insure Oklahoma program is great news for our state. I’m thankful for the leadership and dedication of the Obama administration, Gov. Fallin and the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority in doing what’s right for Oklahoma’s businesses and low-income working families who wouldn’t be able to afford health insurance without this kind of program. Everyone deserves to have basic healthcare. We must all work together to make sure our citizens are healthy, and that starts by ensuring they have access to affordable healthcare.

We want to urge our Governor, legislative leaders and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to also work to find a way to assist those low-income Oklahomans who don’t qualify for Insure Oklahoma or other existing health insurance assistance programs. We can’t let any of our citizens fall through the cracks – their health is too important.”

Rep. Kevin Matthews, D-Tulsa
“I’m so pleased by today’s agreement allowing Insure Oklahoma to continue for another year. This is going to make such a difference in the health of so many citizens, including those in the African American community and others throughout our district and the entire state of Oklahoma. This agreement shows that Gov. Fallin, the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority and the President’s administration put aside partisan politics to protect the health of our citizens. I’m hopeful that in the coming months our leaders are able to continue working together to find solutions to our country’s healthcare crisis.”

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