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Legislators host educational think tanks; invite teachers, parents, and state leaders

Sen. Anastasia Pittman Sen. Anastasia Pittman

Community leaders, parents, teachers, homeschool educators, and other interested groups are invited to attend an educational think tank meeting next week designed to discuss and define the vision of the curriculum in Oklahoma schools. The event, hosted by Sen. Anastasia A. Pittman and Rep. George Young, will be held at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on June 18 at 3pm.

Discussion will primarily focus on three areas, including:
Identification of priority issues relating to diversity, inclusion and curriculum;
Determine the level of interest and need for relevant interim studies; and
Select participants to serve on the faith-based advisory committee currently being formed by State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

“Our goal with this round table discussion is to create a roadmap of sorts for the future of education in Oklahoma,” said Pittman, D-Oklahoma City. “By bringing clarity to the issues, we can unite and work together to ensure our schools are consistently providing all students with the best education possible, and that includes the creation of a curriculum that embraces diversity and inclusion education.”

Pittman and Young say reaching out to local school leaders offers the unique opportunity to brainstorm and gather ideas from those charged with educating the state’s youth and who see on a daily basis the current challenges facing schools.

“I believe that the success and the future of our children is in our educational system,” said Young, D- Oklahoma City. “We must come to grips that there are some trends that are currently occurring that are troubling at best. I am concerned and I have started the process of meeting with the principals in my district to start a conversation to help me to better address this issue from a more informed position and with the backing and input of those who are on the front line. There is a role for the legislator and I am praying that the conversations we have will be fruitful for us to impact our schools in a positive manner.”

By involving representatives from all key groups with a vested interest in education, Pittman says she hopes the think tank environment will foster the creation of a game plan that will define and focus on the most important issues the state’s education system will face in the coming years.

“I encourage anyone who is engaged and involved with primary, secondary and post-secondary education in Oklahoma to join us at one of these forums, including community leaders, parents, teachers, retired educators and homeschool educators,” said Pittman. “We already know the state is facing monumental challenges when it comes to education, and this forum will allow parents, teachers and other education supporters to identify a way to work together to be part of the solution. Round table discussions like this are great opportunities to come together and share ideas for improvement.”

The Oklahoma City meeting will be held at 3pm on Thursday, June 18, in room 419C at the State Capitol located at 2300 N. Lincoln. Senator Kevin Matthews has also facilitated educational think tank meetings in his Tulsa-area district, with the next one scheduled for June 20 at 9am at Rudisill Regional Library, located at 1520 N. Hartford Ave.

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