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Legislators encourage citizens to honor late veteran Wednesday

Sen. Paul Rosino Sen. Paul Rosino

OKLAHOMA CITY The Chairs of the Oklahoma Legislative Veterans Caucus want to invite their fellow veterans and Oklahomans to Perry Wednesday morning to give a World War II veteran a proper military funeral. Herman White, a Navy veteran, passed away earlier this month with no surviving family. Sen. Paul Rosino, a 25-year retired Navy veteran, and Rep. Jay Steagall, a retired Air Force veteran, are joining Brown-Dugger Funeral Home and the citizens of Perry in asking Oklahomans to attend the veterans funeral or honor him in other ways.

Its heartbreaking to think that this American hero so selflessly and bravely served his country in World War II and now has no family to honor and remember him at his funeral, said Rosino, R-Oklahoma City. He deserves a proper heros goodbye with his fellow veterans and Oklahomans there to celebrate his service and life. We want to encourage our fellow brothers in arms and anyone else who can attend his service. Those who are too far away can honor him in other ways like with a moment of silence, by lowering your flags, hosting a prayer vigil or sharing his story on social media. Our veterans service and sacrifice should never be forgotten. God bless our brother Herman White.

White enlisted in the Navy in 1945. He was 97 years old when he passed. His service will be in Perry, Oklahoma at 10 a.m. at the Grace Hill Cemetery. Guests are asked to arrive early as parking may be limited.

Oklahomans are known around the world for their compassion, and Wednesday we have an opportunity to honor a fallen Oklahoman veteran, said Steagall, R-Yukon. This week, we need to come together to honor Mr. White and his service to our country. Lets line the streets of Perry and other communities with flags and give him a proper military funeral and final sendoff.

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