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Legislative Leaders Plan Appeal of Redistricting Decision

Legislative leaders announced they would appeal an Oklahoma County District Court decision handed down last month regarding the selection of Governor Frank Keating's plan for redrawing the state's congressional districts.

"The bottom line is guaranteeing Oklahoma the best representation possible in Washington D.C.," said Senate President Pro Tempore Stratton Taylor. "Unfortunately, Governor Keating's plan puts incumbent politicians ahead of the people. The plan we proposed puts the people first and preserves historic communities of interest. This is especially important for both northeastern and southeastern Oklahoma."

"The Sequoyah County case and the federal case have now reached the point where they can no longer proceed. In order to protect the voting rights of the hardworking people of Oklahoma for the next 10 years, an appeal of the Oklahoma County District Court decision is essential. This case influenced the legislative process and should not have ever been heard while the legislature was in session," said House Speaker Adair.

Senator Taylor and Speaker Adair said the appeal is expected to be filed tomorrow with the State Supreme Court.

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