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Lawmakers announce Woodward Town Hall meeting

State Sen. Casey Murdock, Rep. Carl Newton and Rep. Mike Sanders are inviting citizens for a town hall meeting to be held in Woodward on Tuesday, September 25.  The meeting will be held from six to eight p.m. at the Woodward County Event Center at Crystal Beach 105A Temple Houston Drive.

“I want to urge everyone who is able, to attend this Woodward town hall meeting,” said Murdock, R-Felt. “During the 2018 legislative session we secured passage of the largest teacher pay increase in the history of our state, but even as we developed funding for that and other needed investments, we also passed a law mandating performance audits to  help us identify savings and efficiencies and help us make those resources go farther,” said Murdock, R-Felt.  “There’s a lot to talk about and this gives our citizens a chance to ask questions and share the concerns they may have going in to the 2019 session.”

House Majority Leader Sanders, R-Kingfisher, also called on the public to join in the discussion.

“Meetings like this give us the opportunity to hear first-hand from the people we represent at the Capitol.  “People who may not have the time or ability to travel to the Capitol can still visit with us face-to-face and talk about what’s important to them as we prepare for the new legislative session,” Sanders said.

Newton said he, Murdock and Sanders were looking forward to meeting with friends and neighbors from their districts.

“The bottom line for us is this really helps us better serve the people of Woodward and the surrounding communities,” said Newton, R-Cherokee.  “We want to be strong voices on behalf of northwestern Oklahoma, and make sure our citizens’ priorities and concerns have the strong voice they deserve.” 

Contact info
Sen. Casey Murdock at 405-521-5626 or email Rep. Mike Sanders at 405-557-7407 or email Rep. Carl Newton at 405-557-7339 or email