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Laster Sides with Obama, Pelosi, Kennedy; Opposes Small Business on Socialized Health Care

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb


Senate Minority leader Charlie Laster joined with a minority of Oklahomans and in opposition to a vast majority of small business owners today when he sided with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and President Barack Obama in promoting nationalized health care for the United States, according to Senate Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb.

“Senator Laster was singing right from the national Democrat party health care handbook when he attacked Republicans for protecting small business and choice in health care,” Lamb said. “It’s the same old tired rhetoric we’ve heard from Democrats for years.

“If you like standing in line for a driver’s license or for help at the Social Security office, you’ll love what the federal government will do with your health care system,” he added.

“I’ll give the Democrats credit for staying with their message,” he continued, “but their message is the wrong one for our country today and in the future.

“Senator Laster adopted the Obama mantra that “change is on the horizon,” but the change they’re bringing to our country will leave us with no change in our pockets, I fear.

“Just as I don’t think taking over the automotive industry and spending one trillion dollars to ‘stimulate’ the economy is in our country’s best interest, I don’t think the socializing and rationing of health care as promoted by Laster, Obama and Pelosi is in the our best interest either,” Lamb said.

“While our children, and their children will be paying for the change Senator Laster has promoted, my colleagues and I will continue to do everything we can to ensure that they don’t have to suffer from failed health care policies as well,” Lamb concluded.


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