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Laster Proud of Senate’s Efforts

Sen. Laster says Senate's work is done.
Nat sound - Board of Managers Chairman Frank Davis & Presiding Officer of the Court Joseph M. Watt.

Senate Judiciary Chairman designate Charlie Laster said he was extremely proud of how members conducted themselves as they prepared for Oklahoma’s first impeachment trial since 1965.

As a result of Carroll Fisher’s resignation as State Insurance Commissioner on Friday, the Senate met briefly Monday to adjourn as a court and then to adjourn the special session. Those final steps followed those administered by the State Senate in 1975, when then Sec. of State John Rogers resigned shortly before his impeachment trial was slated to begin.

“From start to finish, the efforts of our members and staff have been exceptional. While I am relieved that our state has been spared the pain of a full-blown impeachment trial, I’m extremely proud of the professional way our work was done as we prepared for that responsibility,” said Laster, D-Shawnee.

Sen. Laster also praised State Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph M. Watt for his work in preparation for his role as presiding officer of the court, as well as the efforts of the House and their Board of Managers.

“Everyone involved understood the gravity of what was being undertaken and the importance of fulfilling our constitutional duties. While it is unfortunate that such actions were necessary, I believe the public can be assured that we were well prepared to undertake whatever steps were required to ensure that ultimately their interests prevailed,” Laster said.

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