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Jolley Hopeful Despite Veto of Educaional Accountability Reform Act

Sen. Clark Jolley Sen. Clark Jolley

After receiving bi-partisan support from both chambers, Senate Bill 1111 by Senator Clark Jolley was vetoed by the Governor late last night.

The “Educational Accountability Reform Act” would have provided greater accountability and transparency in public education if enacted into law.

Jolley says while he is disappointed with the veto, he is encouraged by the Governor’s call for the parties to meet and work together to correct problems currently faced in Oklahoma’s education system.

“In order for Oklahoma to provide positive developments for our schools, and most importantly our students, our system is in need of increased accountability and transparency of educational data and testing assessments,” said Jolley. “Governor Henry can be very instrumental in mediating the concerns raised by those of us who seek much needed reform and those who are defending the status quo. We both realize the necessity for meaningful reform to be passed this session and I look forward to visiting with him and others to get the reforms our schoolchildren deserve.”


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