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Incoming Senate Pro Tem announces picks for next floor leader, appropriations chair

Senator Greg Treat, Majority Floor Leader and Republicans’ selection to serve as the next Senate leader, on Wednesday announced the senators who will round out his leadership team.

Treat said Senator Kim David, current Senate Appropriations Committee chair, will serve as the next Majority Floor Leader and that Senator Roger Thompson, current chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Finance, will serve as the next Appropriations Committee chair. David, the first woman to serve as Appropriations Committee chair, will be the first woman to serve as Majority Floor Leader.

“I’m grateful that my colleagues selected me to lead the Senate and I’m excited about the opportunity this new role presents,” said Treat, R-Oklahoma City. “I’m excited to announce that Senator David and Senator Thompson have accepted my offer to take up key leadership roles next year in the Senate. Both are hardworking, skilled and talented, and have a deep dedication to the state of Oklahoma and will work hard for the members of the Oklahoma Senate. Though the official transition will take place later this year, we’re already looking ahead to next session and how we can help the Senate GOP continue to make Oklahoma an even better state.”

In March, Senate Republicans named Treat as their pick to succeed Senator Mike Schulz as Senate President Pro Tempore. The official transition from Pro Tem Schulz to Senator Treat will take place in November. The Pro Tem selects the senators who serve as Majority Floor Leader, Appropriations Committee chair, and other committee chairs, which will be announced at a later date.

“I appreciate Senator Treat for asking me to join his leadership team. The floor leader has a lot of responsibility to manage the flow of work and activity in the Senate. Senator Treat did a great job in this role, and I look forward to building upon his success to ensure the Senate continues to operate in a professional and orderly manner,” said David, R-Porter.

Senator Thompson, R-Okemah, said, “I want to thank Senator Treat for this honor and for the opportunity to serve the state and the Senate in an important role. Senator David has done a tremendous job as Appropriations chair during a difficult time. I look to build upon her efforts to inject more transparency into the budgeting process. Senate Republicans will keep our focus on making sure Oklahomans’ tax dollars are used wisely and efficiently.”

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