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House and Senate Democrat Leadership refuses to hear HB1003 Truth-in-Sentencing Bipartisan Agreement

"It looks like we're going to head to another special session because of the Democrat Legislature Leadership's refusal to hear HB 1003, the Truth-in-Sentencing reform bill supported by their own party members," Senator Mark Snyder, Senate Republican Leader said.

"This session a bipartisan task force was appointed to look at fixing the problems with the truth-in-sentencing legislation passed two years ago. This Task Force made up of both Democrat and Republican legislative members has talked to all parties involved in the controversy including DA's, Sheriffs, and Victims Associations and has come up with a good solution to the problems found in the original Truth-in-Sentencing legislation," Senator Mark Snyder said.

"This bill will lock up violent and habitual criminals for at least 85% of their sentence and lesser criminals for 75% of their sentence. This legislation will make our streets safer and rid Oklahoma communities of habitual offenders. For the Democrat leadership to refuse to hear this bill is irresponsible," Senator Snyder said.

"The Position of the Republican Caucus is that the bill should be passed now so we can get on to other business and the people of Oklahoma will be protected," Senator Snyder said.

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