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Hobson Speaks Out Against Lawmakers Who are Misrepresenting Lottery Facts for Political Gain

OKLAHOMA CITY-The principle author of the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act, Senator Cal Hobson, is speaking out against lawmakers who have been quick to criticize the new funding stream that has already pumped significant amounts of money into education in Oklahoma.

“This criticism is coming from the same lawmaker who sent out a press release blasting lottery revenue before a single ticket had ever been sold,” Hobson (D-Lexington) said. “Every store in Oklahoma could be selling millions of tickets a day and Representative Terrill would still find a reason to criticize the process.”

Hobson praised Governor Henry for his vision and leadership throughout the startup process and said that because of Henry’s determination, the beginning of ticket sales for the Oklahoma lottery was the fastest on record in the history of lotteries throughout the country.

“From the very beginning supporters of the lottery have had to fight those who haven’t shared the same vision for this new funding stream for education,” Hobson said. “If we had given up every time someone criticized Governor Henry’s bold plan to move Oklahoma forward, the lottery would still just be a dream.”

Hobson said the allegations made by Rep. Terrill concerning the contract with Scientific Gaming have proven to be false thus far.

“Representative Terrill is nothing more than a press hound, trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill,” Hobson said. “His intentions are purely political and he should be ashamed of himself for trying to distract the public from seeing the success of the Oklahoma Education Lottery.”

Hobson concluded by saying that after a week of ticket sales, the Oklahoma Education Lottery has sold more than $12.6 million in scratch off tickets, proving that something must be going right.

“Despite the noise from certain lawmakers, I believe that Oklahomans are smart enough to sort the facts from fiction.” Hobson said. “The positive feedback from the public and the overwhelming support for this new revenue for education in Oklahoma speaks for itself.”

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